About me

At the age of ten I was already hussling selling candies and toys to make some money, to buy the materials to make my own furnuture. Ten years later I was selling Tupperware and another ten years down the road I started my children's entertainment business. Now i am focused on creating digital products, creating a online business and helping people to improve their lives. Whatever my creativity brings me, Knowing myself I know I will never be bored a day in my life. Things that make me happy are: my family, dancing, music, skating, arts, being creative, watching movies, delicious food.


Cindy is a creative entrepreneurial woman specializing in business, entertainment and marketing. The balance between entrepreneurship, social activities and motherhood are daily challenges. Her Missions: To inspire, bring people together, help them develop and make life more fun. She does everything she can to achieve these goals through various projects, companies, products and concepts. 

She has been very creative and enterprising since childhood. When she wasn't busy drawing, carpentry or other creative things, she was busy selling something to earn some money. Every Wednesday afternoon after school she would sell old toys or go to family parties with her gumball machine, selling to all family members. However small the sums were, it was the foundation of an enterprising little girl who had big dreams for the future.

Besides the big dreams of becoming rich and successful later on, Cindy also wanted to go into education. The satisfaction she got from teaching or inspiring someone, later ensured that after graduating in Retail, she followed the teacher education course at the Pabo. During this study she discovered that education in its current form did not correspond to her idealistic ideas and dreams, despite her love for the profession and children.

Her entrepreneurial drive and need for independence started to grow again. One of her many ideas prompted her to place an ad online as a puppet theater. A move she had no expectations of until the requests came in. The Candy House was born. Without any help or training, she has developed through self-study in recent years as an all-round children's entertainer with now over a decade and hundreds over parties of experiance. In the past twelve years she has been fortune enough to entertain over 5000 children in the Netherlands. Discover more at: www.snoepjeshuis.nl about this.

In addition, she has also been involved in recent years with: Internet marketing, Website building, Network marketing, Writing books, Organizing social events, Giving workshops, Giving training and Coaching. Her entrepreneurial, creative and innovative ideas keeps her brain sharp and alive. Properties that come in handy for the realization of her goals.

Together with her 2 sons aged 15 & 21, Cindy has lived in Almere and Amsterdam for the past years and that suits her just fine. Although entrepreneurship is very important to her, her family comes first. Being the best possible mother who has to grow strong, independent and altruistic boys into men is her way of contributing to the whole society. And with her love partner she added 3 more bonus children to the family package.

Here is a list of courses, courses and studies she has followed over the last 25+ years: MBO Retail, Pabo teacher, Millionaire Mind Intensive, Ultimate Internet Bootcamp, Mission To Millions, Train the Trainer, National Achievers Congress, JT Foxx Perfect Business Training, Infinite Possibilities, Tiger Training, Publish a Book, Unleash The Power Within 2015 and more.

Cindy's sources of inspiration are: Oprah Winfrey, JT Foxx, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Beyonce Knowles, Dalai Lama, Gerry Robert, Richard Branson, Tyler Perry, Dr wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Kevin Trudeau , Will Smith, Barack Obama, Chris Gardner, Robert Kiyosaki, Jada Pincket Smith,  John Lee, Eric Ho, Less Brown and more