Quotes Wall Collage

Create a wall that Inspires, Reminds & Activates you!

80 Quotes = The best quotes
4 Sizes per Quotes = A4 & A5
5 Lettertypes = more dynamic
250 pages = Index for printing

For: Home, Office, School, Business

For your home

-Re-decorate your walls with the most empowering quotes & mix them with your favorite pictures of family, friends or things. 
-Create a fun family activity where everyone colors his own favorite quote to put on the walls. Great for bonding & creativity.
-Use your favorite quotes as a reminder on how to live your best life and make your goals & dreams come true. Get more focus.

For Business

-Re-design every quote in to a beautifull piece of art to sell as a designer or use as your own art creations.
-If you are a home designer, you can use it to pimp up your clients walls in combination with their family pictures.
-Great as a gift to clients to empower them of to use in any (creative) workshop where people want to improve their lives.

For Schools & Office

-Create a fun group activity where everyone colors his own  quote to put on the walls. Great for education & bonding.
-Re-decorate the office into an inspirational enviorement where everybody can be more succesfull and focused.
-Great for the entrance of a building where people have to wait or walk trough. It will sparkle & inspire everyone.